DBT sponsored national workshop on “Big Data Analytics : Introduction & Challenges in Agriculture & Healthcare” 
will be held in Biotech Park, Lucknow on January 29-31, 2019

Workshop on
"Big Data Analytics: Introduction & Challenges in Agriculture & Healthcare"
Organized By
Biotech Park, Lucknow
Sponsored By
Department of Biotechnology Govt. of India

About the Biotech Park, Lucknow
The Biotech Park, Lucknow, located in the city of Nawabs, decorates Lucknow with a futuristic State-of-the-art facility for biotechnology-led enterprises. It is the only functional biotechnology park in North India, serving the State of Uttar Pradesh to bring biotechnology as a way of cultivating crops, living a healthy life and enriching skills for boosting the biotech industry. The Park was set up jointly by the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India and Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh. In a short time, it has fulfilled not only the dreams the country had in 2002 when Lucknow was declared as “Biotechnology City”, but has also enabled the State to provide a platform for the “Make in India” mission.

About the workshop
The advances of genomics, sequencing, and high throughput technologies have led to the creation of large volumes of diverse datasets of significance in Systems & functional biology. Recent advances in Bioinformatics have proved to be especially helpful in analyzing these big datasets that lead to better Understanding of the disease. Big Data refers to the collection of data sets whose scale, diversity and Complexities require new architecture, techniques, algorithms and analysis to manage it. Big Data in the Context of agriculture refers to new means of collecting and analyzing data generated from the farm to the end consumer. Big Data Analytics in agriculture applications provide a new insight to give advance weather decisions, improve yield productivity and avoid unnecessary cost related to harvesting, use of pesticide and fertilizers. Big Data in health informatics can be used to predict outcome of diseases development and epidemics, improve treatment and quality of life, and prevent premature deaths. It is very useful not only in clinical medicine for diagnosis/detection but also in epidemiological research as the Big Data will provide huge amount of data. Big Data has a great potential changing the agriculture and healthcare outlook such as in crop management, improved yield, patients personalized care and their safety management, treatment efficiency, improvement in clinical outcomes and drug discovery. This workshop would be based on various bioinformatics tools and databases that are used in Big Data Analytics, An introduction to Next Generation Sequencing, Phylogentic Analysis, Molecular Modeling, Computer-aided Drug Designing.

The Workshop
Topics to be covered
The workshop will consist of lectures, group discussions, case studies, exchange & sharing of experience on:

  • Biological database
  • Phylogenetics Analysis
  • Computer-aided Drug-Design.
  • Molecular Modeling.
  • Big Data Analytics.
  • Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing.

Who can participate

Scientists / Research fellows (National Laboratories & Universities) and Graduate / Post graduate students in Engineering / Biological / Chemical sciences/ Medical discipline.



January 29-31, 2019

(Due to some administrative Reasons the dates of Bioinformatics workshop "Big Data Analytics: Introduction & Challenges in Agriculture & Healthcare" has been postponed. New date for the workshop will be January 29-31, 2019.)

Biotech Park,
Sector’G’, Jankipuram, Near Biotech Square,
Kursi Road, Lucknow - 226021, Uttar Pradesh, India.
E­mail: srp@biotechpark.org.in,programmer@biotechpark.org.in
Website: www.biotechpark.org.in


Registration Fee

Rs 2,500/- per participant. The registration fee includes Lectures/presentation handouts, stationary, lunch and tea. Fee is paid by online NEFT(National Electronic Funds Transfer)**

Bank detail for NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer)
Bank Name:                  Indian Overseas Bank
Branch Address:          Sector­G, Jankipuram, Kursi Road, Lucknow
with Account No. :         CA­68 (179202000000068),
IFSC code:                    IOBA0001792,

**It is mandatory to enclose the online transaction printout of successful NEFT transfer for verification.

Completed registration form along with the fee should reach, CEO, Biotech Park on or before January 25, 2019.


The faculty will consist of scientists and teachers from local institutions who have wide experience in bioinformatics, computational biology, Big Data Analytics.


Persons desiring hotel accommodation are advised to book their accommodation directly. For Guest House accommodations contact us by Email or by phone.


For any queries please contact with
Ms. Neha Srivastava

Bioinformatics Centre, Biotech Park, Lucknow
Landline: 0522-4012091, 2365050 (Ext. 110);
Mobile: +91-8601909444, 7007719517
E­mail: srp@biotechpark.org.in


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