Biofertilizer Unit

The indiscriminant use of chemical fertilizers during past four decades for increasing the agricultural produce has affected the soil fertility; the water retaining capacity and the content of the nutrient like Sulphur, Boron and Zinc have also decreased in the soil. Considering this, the concept of organic farming in which the Biofertilizers are being used in place of chemical fertilizers, is being promoted all over the world. The Biofertilizers are cheap, eco-friendly and non toxic as their production is based on renewable energy sources. The use of Biofertilizers improves the physical and chemical properties and fertility of the soil. The Biofertilizers increase the humus content, porosity and water holding capacity and maintain the nutritional balances in the soil. These are natural fertilizers which are microbial inoculants of bacteria, algae and fungi alone or in combination. The organic manures like compost, green manure, microbial inoculants such as the blue green algae and Azola, Rhizobium, Azotobacter, Phosphate solubilizing bacteria and Trichoderma are quite popular Biofertilizers and their utility is well established.

Biofertilizer unit of Biotech Park is currently producing the following:

Bacterial 240 Tonnes/annum

• Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria (PSB)

Blue Green Algae (BGA) 10 Tonnes/annum

• Mother Culture