Skill Development Programme in Biotechnology for students from North-East India



  • To provide necessary skills to the graduates in Biosciences, Biotech, B. Pharma, M. Pharma students to empower them take high-end resource in biotech industries both in research and service areas. Major thrust areas for the Skill Development in Biotechnology program will be in Agri- and Bio-pharma industries. Courses especially designed for IBSD are: Good cultivation practices for orchids, pineapple and ginger, Post-harvest processing of fruits and Value-additions to rich bio-resources of North East Region.
  • To provide students hands on training at various industrial units; facilities at the Biotech Park such as bio-fertilizer and bio-pesticides, plant tissue culture, diagnostics & drug delivery systems, distillation & solvent extraction for high value products based on active phyto-molecules and bio-active fractions.
  • To educate the students with the concepts of good laboratory practices, good manufacturing practices, IPR, bioethics, communication skills and regulatory requirements regarding toxicity testing, setting up of new units.

Short Term Training (1 to 3 Months)

  1. The short-term training course will be for 1-3 months of duration. For trainees of three months' duration, first 15 days would be for orientation and selection of subject area, project title and mentor and two months would be devoted to class room lectures and hands on training. Last 15 days would be for project preparation and evaluation. The trainees for 1-2 months will spend one week for orientation and rest of the time for laboratory work. All trainees will be required to make brief presentations before a committee. Training modules are as follows:

Good cultivation and package practices for Orchids, Pineapple and Ginger


Varieties of Orchid; Climate for orchids cultivation; Choose the right kind of soil for orchids cultivation; Propagation; Cultivation; Containers; Potting and Media; Manuring and Fertilization; Harvesting; Post Harvest Handling; Grading; Storage; Packaging.


Varieties of pineapples; Suitable Climatic Requirements; Soil; Land Preparation; Propagation and Planting Materials; Preparation of Planting Materials; Spacing of the plants; Planting methods; Manuring, Fertilization and Nutrient management; Weed, Pest and Disease Control; Artificial Flower Induction; Harvesting and Post Harvest Handling; Packing House Operations for Export; Harvest Handling System of Pineapples; Marketing of Pineapples.

Climate and soil; Varieties; Season; Land preparation; Methods of Planting; Transplanting technology for reduction of seed cost; Manuring and Fertilizers; Irrigation; Inter cultivation; Inter cropping and crop rotation; Plant protection; Insect pests; Organic production; Harvesting; Processing of ginger; Polishing, cleaning and grading; Storage; Bleached ginger.

Training Charges: Free of cost for student from North-East India.

Post-harvest processing of fruits
Harvest handling; General post-harvest considerations; Harvesting and field handling; Packaging; Post-harvest handling operations; Packinghouse; Storage; Transportation to market; Harvest and post-harvest handling for selected fruits.

Training Charges: Free of cost for student from North-East India.

Value-additions to rich bio-researches of North East Region
The unique richness of bio-resources in Northeast India makes it a potential hub of economic growth of the country to a competent level if utilized and tapped efficiently. To derive appropriate returns in a sustainable manner, rich bio-resources of the region require proper protection and utilization. The course content would be centered around this theme and shall be framed to suit the needs of varied students.

Training Charges: Free of cost for student from North-East India.

  1. Training activities/programmes to be organized at IBSD, Imphal: The field-oriented training will be organized at IBSD, Imphal.


Short Term   : 20 per batch. Three batches per year.


1)     B.Sc/ M.Sc in Biotechnology /Life Sciences / B.Pharma/ M.Pharma/M.B.B.S/Agriculture or veterinary Sciences
2)     B.E/ B.Tech in biotechnology /Chemical engineering
The candidates should have at least 50% marks in any of the above degree

The above courses have been especially designed for IBSD. However, candidates can opt for other short-term and finishing school courses being offered by Biotech Park.

A committee constituted by the Biotech Park and IBSD would screen the applications for Short Term Training courses. The candidates may have to appear for a written test and or interview.

Desirous candidates may apply online.