Vermicomposting Unit

Vermicomposting is the fastest and effective way of recycling of organic waste with the help of earchworms for the production of vermicompost. A huge quantity of distillation waste and other agrowaste is generated at farm which is either burnt or rots in the field.

It has been found that composting period is reduced in case distillation waste is used as substrate by atleast 20 - 35 days than vermicomposting of conventional wastes like wheat or rice straw, vegetable waste etc. Use of distillation waste primarily saves the predecomposition period required in the conventional wastes as the herbage after passing through high steam pressure during distillation completely breaks down facilitating the faster composing process.

The vermicompost produced from the distillation waste has been found to contain higher contents of N, P, and K than the compost produced from conventional wastes. A quick comparison of compost from distillation waste with staple waste indicated 50 - 65% advantage for these nutrients. It is estimated that about 3 tons of good quality compost can be produced from 10 tons of fresh distillation waste.

  • The unit is maintained under the guidance of trained technical staff
  • Utilizes the high quality agro waste generated in the extraction and distillation units of the park


16 pits *(5.5 m x 0.8 m x 0.8 m each)


Vermicompost yield - 350 - 450 kg vermicompost from 1.5 tons fresh herbs/pits in 100 days