Extraction Unit

The extraction unit comprises of solid liquid solvent extraction system with solvent recovery system for extraction of phytochemical / lead molecules from high value medicinal plants. Multipurpose reaction cum hydrolysis and solvent recovery unit along with chromatography.

Extraction unit has the following infrastructural facilities:

  • Oil fired steam boiler, evaporation capacity: 500 kg/hr & 150 psi steam pressure for basic heating requirements to main extraction unit.
  • Hot air tray dryer, High capacity hammer mill and vacuum oven for drying, grinding/pulverizing of raw materials/finished herbs / medicinal plants.
  • Refrigerated brine chilling circulation unit for carrying out low temp. reactions & chilling of condenser water.
  • Solid liquid extraction unit consisting of two drug holders with agitators of 125 - 150 kg/batch capacity depending on plant bulk density with efficient solvent recovery system from extract and spent marc.
  • Silica gel chromatography column for chromatographic separation over silica gel with solvent recycling system, for enriching & isolation of the phytochemicals in high purity.
    Stainless steel reaction vessel with agitator & solvent reflux / recovery system for production of semi synthetic drug molecules and for chemical transformations of the phytochemicals.
  • Heavy duty spray dryer for drying of herbal aqueous extracts, capacity 10 kg/hr for making powder of herbal extracts.
  • Falling film evaporator for concentrating herbal aqueous extracts for separation of the extracts from the plant biomass.
  • Nustch type vacuum filtration unit for filtration of aqueous solvent extracts for finer filtration of the removal of particulate impurities.
  • Liquid - liquid counter current extraction equipment for the purification of crude extracts by liquid partitioning.
  • Minor equipments like vacuum pumps, metering pumps, weighing machine, weighing balance, trolleys etc for auxiliary infrastructure, process and material handling etc.


250 kg biomass/batch